Risk Assessment is a legal requirement, and a very important process to be performed in any workplace, it is simply like planning ahead, what would we do to prevent harm from happening, and how we could prevent any losses in man or equipment, and to achieve optimum profit from the industrial process.

  • Risk Assessment done only by competent persons, and that exactly what you will become after finishing this course.
  • Risk Assessment is a legal requirement, without it the organisation maybe punished by the government.
  • Being a risk assessor will make you a high value for any organisation.
  • This course is – without doubt – a huge addition to your resume.

What You Will Learn:

  • Perform risk assessment in a professional way.
  • Know the difference between hazard and risk.
  • Know the optimum way to control workplace hazards.
  • know how to deal with special risk cases at work, e.g Disabled workers, pregnant and expectant mothers, young workers, etc.
  • Together we are doing practical examples for the risk assessment process.